AusgangsPunkt: "La Mancha" Meteorite - Expedition July 2007

AusgangsPunktAktivitaeten2007"La Mancha" July 2007


Daylight fireball over Central Spain,

Date of fireball event:

10.05.2007 at 17h57m20s UTC


  • intense explosions and vibrations
  • meteor cloud like a "double helix"
  • falling debrital cloud was seen


"La Mancha" meteorite event II

La Mancha is the region of the famous adventures of the ingenious Hidalgo Don Quijote and his loyal squire Sancho Panza. I think you know the famous fight against the wind mills...

Thomas had to "fight" against the farmers, so that those didn´t plow up from top to bottom their olive plantations after heavy rain falls! The only question was still: where were hidden the meteorites? Here you can see the finding situation of the 8,41g individual LM-Met06.

At last delight after three days of frustration!

Jippi - Jippi - Jee - that´s no olive, but a nice 4,62g individual (LM-Met07).

All of a sudden - among the millions of ordinary stones one meteorite fragment! Where does it come from? (LM-Met08)

Lesser than that, it can not go more! So quite alone, a nice 2,45g fragment (LM-Met09)

Oh well!!! The first meteorite, which is overleaping the 10g mark... and then at that an oriented specimen with 29,44g (LM-Met10).

After all the Lord is playing dice from time to time! From where else this little cube is coming?

With 45°C beyound the sun sometimes the mood is gone. Then the search underneath an olive tree can be a preety welcome work. Above all, if a meteorite is located untderneath the tree, like in this case LM-Met11.

Thomas also does in another way! Jipi - Jipi - Jee!!! That are 100g for sure! :-)

Oh - yes. Who was demolishing this precious oriented meteorite! Noooooo!!! ;-(

Thomas needed around two hours for the recovery of ca. 90g of meteorite material, which was splitting into numerous fragments and encased in rinsed sand (like concrete) after a heavy thunderstorm.

Playing hide-and-seek doesn´t help you at all. Thomas find you all - promised! Anyway he saw this 12,1g specimen (LM-Met13).

Again cracked meteorites at the finding situation of LM-Met14 (ca. 25g).

The suffering begins, if you touch the hot stones. Ow!!! However what will we do for meteorites!

It is quite impressive , if you find still one (concerning to thise meteorite) big fragmen about 2 m away.

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